Wednesday, November 16, 2011

During Religious Education this week I have been learning about my conscience.
My conscience is a big part of my life. It tells me what's right and wrong.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The court issue

No please Mrs Tui I disagree there is rough playing but we could all have a side each .One Side for the netball and one side for the touch or even if the boys go play on the field and there won’t be rough playing.Plus the netball girls need to have there chance to play but if Mrs Tui locks the gate we will have nothing to do because playing on the filed is boring for us all.I think that your making a bad choice we need our break and plus your very lucky because you get to have your free time chatting with the teachers.Please please pretty please Mrs Tui then we would all come in to your learning class with big fat smiles on our faces so come on Mrs Tui if you open the gates your the best teacher ever.But if you don’t open the gates we will all be very upset with you. and i know that you don’t like it when we are all in a stink behavior.and that’s when you scream at us and we start getting upset then it gets in to a big commotion.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I Am a leader

I think that I'm a good team member why because 
* I work well with others, like communicating together as one.
* When someone is sad I can cheer them by saying something nice 
to them. 
* I never give up. I just keep trying and trying.
* I give my best in all I do.
* I respect the coach for when shes giving me instructions. 

The Holy Spirit in the scriptures

Psalm 149:1
people dancing and praising Jesus
Celebrating,Praising the Lord!

I have learnt the image of God received in the people of the old testament. The symbol is People dancing, celebrating and praising the Lord!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday math activity

Today Mrs Tui had given us some maths work to do on Google docs. It was fun because we had to time our selves. My time was 25 seconds. Next time I really want to have a lower time.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Netbook Poem

Net book net book come on tool please don't be disconnect .. Its a very handy tool because its cool when you go on. You don't want to go off Net book net book is better then the rest . Typing typing hurry hurry finish this poem come on please.. Thank you all for reading my poem hope you enjoyed it.....

My prayer to Jesus..

Dear Jesus Christ,
Thank you for dying on the cross to save my sins , you knew that people were in danger, you risked your life for me and my family. Thank you for loving us and giving us a father like you. It must of been very hard for you when your mother stood by you till the end. Thank you for showing us how to forgive and love others especially my enemies.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Net Book day!

What an Experience!
It was Monday. I was really pumped up for the day ahead of us. It was time to see and have a little feel on our net books. Everyone in Room 7 had big smiles on their faces as they got their net books.

When I got my net book I was so excited to play games, skype my friends, take pictures and go on Internet.
Miss G said that we will have a count down from 10 and when we hit 0 we’ll press the start button altogether.
Later on we were allowed to play some games.

When it was time for Miss G to take the net books back I was sad. but I really enjoyed working on my net book.

What a great day we all had.